Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"It's Pronounced Fronk-en-steen!"

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This is the post I intended to publish, before I found out about the passing of Lou Reed. I "try" to post once a week. But if I were to wait until next week, this picture would be seasonally inappropriate. We wouldn't want to have that.

This is a painting of Frankenstein's Monster from The Bride of Frankenstein. I drew the original sketch a few years ago, and found it in my sketchbook a couple of months ago. The style and color palette was influenced by the horror painter Basil Gogos. His artwork for Filmland, Famous Monsters, Fangoria, and Aurora Monster model hobby kits in 60s and 70s, brought the Universal Monsters back from the dead, so to speak.

I painted it digitally in Photoshop and Corel Painter. It was really fun emulating his style, which is very hard, and his palette. . . which is even harder! I basically commandeered the colors from another painting. But as I painted it, I was able to slowly pick up what he was doing.

Thanks for looking, and have a fantastic Halloween!


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