Sunday, November 24, 2013

A little narcissism goes a long way…

I'm always posting my artwork, but rarely anything about myself. So after playing a silly Facebook trivia game. I decided to post it here.  So here are 7 mild to moderately interesting facts about me. 

1) I absolutely hate Facebook games. I  hate playing them, and I hate being invited to play. This includes surveys and being tricked into using a giraffe as my profile pic. That said, every once in awhile, I'll find one that looks fun. Hence this. 

2) I have a severe revulsion to purple flavoring. I didn't say grape. I said purple flavoring… grapes don't taste like that, brother!  I had a lot of Dimetapp as a kid. If you were chewing grape gum 50 feet away, I would feel instantly nauseated. 

3) … I used to feel the same way about popcorn. It's only been within the last ten years that I've been able tolerate even smelling it. That stems from eating an entire economy size bucket of popcorn, while watching The Empire Strikes Back in 1980…

4) Speaking of really really really old… I love old music. I have a serious music addiction. I listen to everything from ABBA to Zappa.  I love classical, Cab Calloway, Carmen Miranda, Cat Stevens, and Captain Beefheart. Whenever I play Beatles or Pink Floyd at work, some customer will come in and say, "You're too young to listen to this!" Mister, l own music you're too young to listen to. 

5) … but for some reason — this usually brings angry phone calls. I don't like bands that evoke traveling or locations. It's actually 1970's stadium rock, bands like Boston, Foreigner, Journey, Kansas, America. The song Horse With No Name, angers me to no end. If it's bothering you enough to write a song about it, name the damned horse. 

6) I love to cook! I'm a classically trained chef, and I'm good at restaurant work. But I hate cooking professionally. I like cooking for friends, family, and the occasional wedding. But I leave it at that. Maybe I should host a cooking blog. 

7) I can't watch a classic Disney movie without bothering my friends. I'm always pointing out the great moments of animation. For an example– all the backgrounds in 101 Dalmatians are monochromatic 2D line drawings. The furniture appears as though it were drawn on the wall with a pen. 

Thanks for looking, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!



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