Monday, December 2, 2013

Star Wars/The Shining Mash-up (Speed Painting)

© 2013 Kyle Wiggins, All rights reserved.

I normally don't do fan art. But, this is something I've thought about for years.This is my mad idea, the Death Star trench battle from Star Wars, combined with Danny riding his Big Wheel from The Shining. I've always thought combined, they would make a great painting. Because they both have the same unnerving, hovering feel, due to the Steadicam. 

The Steadicam was invented by Garrett Brown, in 1976. It's a portable camera with counter-weights, to keep it steady. With it you can get those eerie scenes of movement, without shot bouncing around. If you've seen Hunger Games or The Blair Witch Project. A Steadicam was NOT used in those pictures.

This is a really quick painting, a little more than an hour. Just to get the idea out. I may do something a little more evolved with it in the future. . . or maybe not.

Thanks for looking!

-- Kyle 

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